About Architectural Supervisory Committee

North Oaks Home Owners' Association Bylaws stipulate that an Architectural Supervisory Committee (ASC) is responsible for maintaining aesthetic and architectural standards for the community.

NOHOA, through its Architectural Supervisory Committee, reviews and approves new homes, additions, alterations, and other improvements, as further described in the NOHOA Warranty Deeds and Declarations, Bylaws and ASC rules and procedures.

The Architectural Supervisory Committee is committed to preserving the natural beauty and resources of North Oaks, while enhancing and maintaining home values through promotion of high design aesthetics, and through regulation and enforcement of governing documents.

Plans for new homes, additions and alterations of any kind including but not limited to fences, landscaping, recreational structures, driveways, sidewalks, paint color, roof replacement or change, made to the exterior of any property must be submitted to the ASC for review and approval prior to applying for a building permit (if needed) and beginning construction.

The ASC is delegated authority by the NOHOA Board of Directors to review and approve improvements. When property is purchased, buyers agree to comply with these and other covenants set forth in the NOHOA governing documents. Those who desire to purchase property and/or a home in North Oaks are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the ASC rules and procedures that they will be required to follow. NOHOA also encourages real-estate professionals who plan to facilitate home and/or property transactions in North Oaks to familiarize themselves and their clients with North Oaks architectural requirements.

ASC meetings are held every other Monday evening beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the NOHOA offices at 100 Village Center Drive, Suite 240.

2019 ASC Meetings:

  • Monday, September 16th
  • Monday, September 30th
  • Monday, October 14th
  • Monday, October 28th
  • Monday, November 11th
  • Monday, November 25th
  • Monday, December 9th

The deadline for submittal of applications is the Monday one week prior to the meeting. Residents please check the NOHOA calendar for the next ASC meeting. For contractors please see the below dates:


Please contact NOHOA with any questions at 651-792-7765 or [email protected] For specific questions regarding your application please contact [email protected]